Get To Know The Executive

The owner of Harbard Survival, Colton Kuhn, started the company as a way to escape from the pain of a mundane life working 9-5 at a dead end job he felt like he was losing his mind. Having started 2 failed companies in his past, dropping out of high school to follow his passion and start his first company at the age of 16, he had learned a plethora of information on how to run a business.

Colton talks about his failures often as he believes you learn more from failure than you do from success. With all his knowledge on manufacturing and brand development, he felt like he was being held back in life and that his skills were not being utilized at his entry level job. So Harbard Survival was born to bring the world top tier men's apparel and outdoors clothing.

Although we have few products, we look at this as a bonus and an added perk as we can divert all of our attention to making each product as close to perfection as possible and put more effort towards our customer. 

Harbard will be venturing into manufacturing more summer wear as the weather continues to warm and will begin to focus on winter clothing as summer draws to an end. We at Harbard Survival all wish you have a beautiful and love filled day.

With love from Gig Harbor, WA


-Harbard Survival Team